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Peds Tubes and Lines


Course: Umbilicus → Umbilical vein → Left portal vein → crossing into Ductus Venosus → into IVC at confluence of hepatic veins → terminates at cavo-atrial junction (just above or at right hemi-diaphragm)

Displacement: right and left portal vein, SMV, splenic vein, hepatic veins, SVC, IJV, left atrium (by PFO)


Course: Umbilicus → Umbilical artery → Internal iliac artery → Common iliac a. → Aorta.
2 acceptable tip positions:

to avoid placement near important aortic branches


The tip of ETT should be placed in mid-thoracic trachea at C7-T2 level above the carina

Right main stem intubation occurs more frequently because of its more direct course from the trachea

Chest Tube

Positon (posteriorly, anteriorly). Position of the side holes

NG Tube

Can go to right lung through main stem bronchus. Can perforate esophagus. Can diagnose esophageal atresia. Serves for decompression, not feeding

Naso-Jejunal Tube

Complications: perforation, kinks and intussusception