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XRAY AC Separation

Findings: Routine views of the right shoulder [with and without stress] demonstrate widening of the acromioclavicular and coracoclavicular intervals with superior displacement of distal clavicle in relation to acromion. The AC interval measures [10] mm (normal < 8 mm) and CC interval measures [16] mm (normal < 13 mm). No fracture or dislocation is identified. The glenohumeral joint space is aligned and maintained. There is no calcific tendinopathy. The bony thorax is otherwise normal. Soft tissues are normal.


Grade 1 - Mild sprain: NL xray

Grade 2 - Moderate sprain: AC joint widening, normal CC

Grade 3 - Severe sprain: increased AC and CC distance. Recommend orthopedic consultation.

Grade 4 - total dislocation: Clavicle displaced superiorly into the trapezius

Grade 5 - total dislocation: Clavicle displaced into neck

Grade 6 - total dislocation: Clavicle displaced inferiorly to subacromial or subcoracoid position