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BI-RADS 0: Incomplete

INDICATION: Routine Screening.

EXAMINATION: Bilateral CC, XCCL and MLO views of the breasts were obtained with direct digital capture and interpreted with Computer Assisted Detection.

COMPARISON EXAMINATIONS: 9 June 2011 and 17 May 2010.

FINDINGS: The breast tissue is heterogeneously dense, which could obscure detection of small masses.

Left: There is indistinct mass-like density in the inferior medial quadrant of left breast, seen in the posterior third on the CC view and on the MLO view.

Right: There is no dominant mass, architectural distortion or suspicious calcification evident in right breast.

BI-RADS Category 0: Incomplete. Need additional imaging evaluation.

1. An order entry into CHCS has been made and the patient will be called back for bilateral spot compression views, as well as an ML view.
2. Until this additional study is obtained, this report will remain incomplete.