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US Mesenteric adenitis

Comparison: None available.

Technique: Grayscale and Doppler sonographic images of the abdomen were performed.


The appendix is well-visualized, measures 4 mm in thickness without evidence of periappendiceal fluid collection. A few prominent right lower quadrant lymph nodes are seen, none of which are pathologic by size or morphology.

Limited views of the abdominal viscera reveal normal echogenicity of the liver and kidneys.

The right and left ovaries measure approximately 1.8 cm and 1.8 cm, respectively. Symmetric flow is seen in both ovaries on Doppler.

The spleen is normal in echogenicity and slightly prominent in size. The size is likely within normal limits for the patient.


1. No sonographic evidence of appendicitis.

2. Scattered prominent mesenteric lymph nodes may be consistent with mesenteric adenitis.