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CT Neck Parotitis

TECHNIQUE: Routine transverse CT images through the neck after the IV administration of nonionic contrast with coronal and sagittal reformations.

FINDINGS: There is diffuse abnormal enhancement and enlargement of the left parotid gland relative to the right with mild surrounding edema and platysma thickening, compatible with parotitis.
No obstructive parotid duct stone is noted.
There is mild prominence of the left jugulodigastric region lymph nodes, which is likely reactive.
There are no pathologic fluid collections.
The demonstrated airway is patent.
The demonstrated blood vessels and skeleton are unremarkable.

Findings compatible with left parotitis. Neoplasm is unlikely given the history and CT appearance. Followup ENT consultation is advised.
FINDINGS: Sequential CT images of the neck demonstrate significant enlargement and increased enhancement of the right parotid gland.
There is mild soft tissue stranding surrounding the parotid gland with thickening of the platysma muscle.
No definitive peripherally enhancing fluid collection is identified to suggest abscess formation.
No calculus is identified.
There is right amalgam artifact.
There is interval worsening of diffuse sinus disease including mucosal wall thickening, and complete opacification of the right maxillary sinus without evidence of abscess formation.
The demonstrated airway is patent, without abnormal narrowing or filling defects.
There is edema and fat stranding of the subcutaneous tissues adjacent to the right parotid gland.
The demonstrated blood vessels and bones are unremarkable.
There is absence of the medial walls of the bilateral maxillary sinus which corresponds with patient's prior history of functional endoscopic sinus surgery.

1. Acute parotiditis without evidence of abscess formation or calculus. Given history of recent dental procedure recommend correlation with physical exam of the parotid duct opening.
2. Interval worsening of pansinusitis.