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CT Sinus OMU pattern

COMPARISON: None available

Helical CT of the sinuses was obtained without the use of IV contrast. 2.5 mm axial images were obtained with coronal and sagittal reformations.

There is ostiomeatal units pattern of obstructive disease with complete left maxillary, anterior two thirds ethmoid and frontal sinus disease. There are periapical maxillary molar lucencies, consistent with dental disease. It is uncertain as to whether maxillary sinus disease is related. There are no aggressive features, retromaxillary fat pads are preserved, there are thickened walls without erosive change, there is no intraorbital extension. There is no air fluid level. There is mild spurring of nasal septum to the right in contact with the left inferior turbinate.

The visualized intracranial contents is unremarkable There is no evidence of hydrocephalus. The orbits are also normal in appearance. The mastoid air cells, temporomandibular joints and visualized portions of the cervical spine are unremarkable.

1. Chronic left maxillary sinusitis with narrowing of the ostiomeatal units. ENT consultation is advised.
2. Small nasal septum spur in contact with the right inferior turbinate.
3. Periapical maxillary molar lucency consistent with dental disease. Dental consultation is advised.