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US IUP Nl Subchorionic


EXAM: Multiple transverse and longitudinal images of the pelvis were obtained using transabdominal and transvaginal sonography. Color Doppler was employed as appropriate.

FINDINGS: The uterus demonstrates a gestational sac with fetal pole measuring [...] cm, consistent with a [9] week gestation. Positive cardiac activity is identified on M-mode imaging. A small hypoechoic area seen adjacent to the [superior] aspect of the gestational sac is compatible with a small subchorionic hemorrhage. The ovaries are seen well and are normal in size and echogenicity. There is no adnexal mass. There is no fluid in the pelvic cul-de-sac.


Uterus: [] cm

Right ovary: [] cm

Left ovary: [] cm


1. Intrauterine pregnancy with positive cardiac activity demonstrated on M-mode imaging.

2. Small subchorionic hemorrhage just [superior] to the gestational sac.

3. Normal ovaries with no sonographic evidence of ectopic pregnancy.