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CT Lower Extremity R/O Osteo

Comparison: None.

Technique: Contiguous axis CT images of the right tibia and fibula were obtained after the uneventful administration of intravenous iodinated contrast. Coronal and sagittal reformations were created.

Findings: Multiplanar images of the right tibia and fibula demonstrate no fracture or subluxation. There are no cortical erosions, periostitis, reactive bone formation or obliteration of the soft tissue planes. There are no areas of abnormal enhancement. There is diffuse edema of the visualized soft tissues. Fluid tracks along the superficial aspect of the anterior compartment; there are no drainable, loculated or enhancing fluid collections. There is fatty atrophy of the gastrocnemius muscles.

1. No evidence of necrotizing fasciitis or osteomyelitis as queried.
2. Diffuse soft tissue edema; no drainable fluid collection or abscess.
3. No acute osseous abnormality.