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CT Renal

Technique: CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis was performed after the administration of non-ionic contrast after a 65 second and three-minute delay. Multiplanar reformations were performed.

Findings: There is prompt symmetric bilateral renal contrast excretion. The kidneys are normal in shape and position. The left kidney measures 9.2 cm and the right kidney measures 8.4 cm. There are no renal masses or cysts. The pyelocalyceal systems appear normal. There are no urinary tract calculi. There is no hydronephrosis.
The liver, spleen, pancreas and adrenal glands have a normal CT appearance. The unopacified bowel is normal in course and caliber. The abdominal vasculature is unremarkable.
The visualized portions of the lung bases are clear. The osseous structures are normal.

Impression: Normal renal CT. No evidence of renal trauma as queried.