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CT Abd Pelvic Congestion

Intravenous contrast refluxes in a retrograde fashion into a dilated left ovarian vein, with a maximal diameter of 1 cm. There are multiple dilated veins in the subcutaneous tissues of the vulvar region. A 5 x 3 cm low density left inguinal mass may correspond to the left inguinal abnormality mentioned on previous ultrasound.

Bilateral breast implants are noted. There are simple renal cysts bilaterally, largest on the right measuring 1.3 cm. A 7 mm cyst is seen in the right lobe of the liver. The pancreas, spleen and adrenal glands appear normal. No enlarged lymph nodes are evident. Intestine is normal in course and caliber. No focal lesions are seen in the uterus or ovaries. An intramedullary rod and screw are noted in the right femur, without evidence of complication. Dystrophic calcifications are seen superior to the greater trochanter of the right femur.

1. Left inguinal mass has not been fully characterized. It could represent a fluid-filled hernia sac or a vascular structure with relatively slow flow.
2. Dilated left ovarian vein and prominent superficial pelvic varicosities.
3. Additional findings listed in body of report.