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CT Shoulder Degen

Technique: 2.5 mm noncontrast CT images through the right shoulder in bone kernel with sagittal and coronal reconstructions.

Comparison: Radiographs from earlier on the same day.

Findings: There are no fractures or dislocations. There is loss of joint space at the glenohumeral joint. Osteophyte formation is seen along the inferior aspect of the humeral head, along with small subchondral cysts. There is increased sclerosis along the greater tuberosity as well. The glenoid fossa demonstrates increased sclerosis, cortical irregularity, particularly along the inferior aspect, and multiple lucencies extending to the articular surface which may represent evidence of prior surgery or trauma. The soft tissues are unremarkable.

Impression: Degenerative and posttraumatic changes of the right glenohumeral joint, most significant at the inferior aspect, as above.