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CT Facial Orbital Floor Fx

Technique: Helical CT of the facial bones was performed without contrast, acquiring coronal and sagittal reformations.

Findings: There is a subtle, nondisplaced, angulated fracture of the left orbital floor involving the left infraorbital foramen. There is a small subperiosteal fluid collection adjacent to the left inferior orbital floor fracture. There is no entrapment of the left extraocular musculature. Mild left preseptal periorbital soft tissue swelling is likely related to prior trauma. There is no evidence of retrobulbar hematoma. There is a minimally displaced right nasal bone fracture.

There is no pterygoid plate fracture or mandibular fracture. There is no zygomaticomaxillary fracture. Postoperative changes in the right posterior maxilla are likely related to prior wisdom tooth extraction.

1. Nondisplaced left inferior orbital floor fracture.
2. Minimally displaced right nasal bone fracture.
1. CT HEAD: Multiple transverse CT images from skull base to vertex without
contrast. Sagittal reformations were also acquired.
2. CT FACIAL: Multiple transverse CT images were obtained through the facial
bones without IV contrast. Coronal and sagittal reformations were also


There are left greater than right inferior orbital wall fractures with
herniation of fat. The inferior rectus muscles appear intact. No additional
facial fractures are identified. Polypoid opacification in the right maxillary
sinus is suggestive of blood products. The remaining paranasal sinuses
demonstrate minimal mucosal thickening.

There is normal density, size and configuration throughout the brain parenchyma
and the CSF containing spaces. There is no hemorrhage, edema, mass effect,
hydrocephalus, herniation, or pathologic fluid collection. The demonstrated
calvarial bones are intact.

The mastoid air cells are clear.

1. Bilateral inferior orbital wall fractures with herniation of fat.
2. No acute intracranial pathology.(13167865)