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CT Virtual Colonoscopy

Comparison: Acute abdominal series 9/26/2012.

Technique: Thin slice, multiplanar and 3D fly through CT reformations of the abdomen and pelvis were obtained and reviewed with the patient prone and supine following the standard CT colonography prep.

Findings: There is a partial colectomy from the mid descending colon to rectum with a colostomy in place. The rectum is surgically absent. There are no identifiable filling defects within the aerated colon. There is no evidence of peritoneal fluid collection or adenopathy within the abdomen or

There is a 5.3 cm exophytic simple cyst seen within the superior pole of the right kidney. Stone are noted within the gallbladder. Calcified plaques are appreciated within the aorta and its branches. Two sclerotic foci are noted within the right and left iliac wings, compatible with enostosis. Degenerative disc disease of the lower lumbar spine, worst at L3-L4 and L4-L5 levels.

1. No CT evidence of colonic mass or polyp, status post partial distal colectomy.
2. Additional findings as described above.