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CT Chest granulomatous disease

Technique: Helical CT of the chest was performed without contrast, acquiring coronal and sagittal reformations.

Findings: The lungs demonstrate adequate volumes without focal airspace consolidation, pneumothorax, or pleural effusion. There are innumerable calcified nodules throughout the lungs, most concentrated in the lingula. There is cylindrical bronchiectasis of the lingula. There is left greater than right hilar lymph node calcifications.
Limited view of the upper abdominal viscera is unremarkable. The skeleton is notable for flowing anterior osteophytes of the thoracic spine.

Impression: Multiple calcified nodules of the left greater than right lungs, cylindrical bronchiectasis of the lingula, and calcified hilar lymph nodes are compatible with old granulomatous disease. The differential includes prior nontuberculous mycobacterial infection and prior fungal infection.