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CT Head VP, septum pellucidum cyst

FINDINGS: The patient has a right-sided ventriculoperitoneal shunt. The shunt enters the calvarium of the right occipitoparietal and traverses the parietal lobe, terminating within the anterior right lateral ventricle, not within the septum pellucidum cyst. The septum pellucidum cyst is larger on today's study, measuring 1.4 cm in diameter, previously 1.3 cm in diameter. The right lateral ventricle is decompressed. There is mild left lateral ventriculomegaly, though slightly decompressed as compared to prior. There is no hemorrhage, midline shift, and herniation, or space-occupying lesion. The ventriculostomy tubing and reservoir appear intact.

IMPRESSION: Intervally enlarged cavum septum pellucidum cyst. Given the decrease in the right lateral ventricular size and interval increase in the midline CSP cyst, consider possible shunt tip termination in the right lateral ventricle which may been intended for the cyst which does not demonstrate interval decompression. (13129542)