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CT Head Cisterna Magna

Findings: There is enlargement of the retrocerebellar CSF containing space. There is mild inferior vermian hypoplasia. The remainder of the brain parenchyma is normal in density, size and configuration. There is no hemorrhage, edema, pathologic fluid collection, hydrocephalus, mass effect or herniation. There is no hydrocephalus. The calvarium is intact. The orbits, mastoid air cells and bilateral temporomandibular joints are unremarkable. Polypoid mucosal thickening is noted in the left sphenoid and maxillary sinuses. The remaining paranasal sinuses are clear. The soft tissues are unremarkable.

1. No acute intracranial pathology.
2. Normal variant retrocerebellar arachnoid cyst versus mega cisterna magna, less likely Dandy-Walker variant, of doubtful clinical significance.
3. Maxillary and sphenoid sinus disease.