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CT Abd Port.Vein HTN

Findings: Lung parenchyma demonstrate very small, left greater than right bilateral pleural effusions with associated dependent atelectasis.

Moderate amount of ascites is present. Liver demonstrates irregular surface and hypodensity consistent with known cirrhosis. A portacaval collateral is present with varices near the termination at the distal IVC. The portal system is widely patent without obvious thrombus. The portal vein measures approximately 11 to 12 mm at its greatest diameter. Gallbladder is enlarged measuring 10 cm in largest diameter. The pancreas is within normal limits. Spleen is unremarkable. The adrenal glands, kidneys and bladder are normal. Several colonic bowel wall outpouchings are noted consistent with diverticulosis. There is also bowel wall thickening involving the duodenal and proximal jejunum.

The pelvic organs are unremarkable. Mild degenerative changes of the thoracolumbar spine is noted. There is no lymphadenopathy.

1. Constellation of findings are consistent with the history of portal hypertension secondary to cirrhosis. A portacaval collateral is present with decreased enhancement of the superior mesenteric vein and its tributaries. However, the latter is accentuated by the phase of imaging.
2. Proximal bowel wall edema is most likely secondary to passive congestion, less likely inflammatory.
3. Please see other incidental findings as above.