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CT CAP Thymic Rebound

Technique: Helical CT of the chest/abdomen/pelvis after administration of IV and oral contrast. Coronal and sagittal reformations. Renal delay images were also obtained.

Findings: The lungs are without evidence of mass, consolidation, or pleural effusion. There is a small 3 mm right upper lobe pleural-based nodule (series 3, image 17), unchanged in size and appearance since the prior study. The heart and great vessels demonstrate normal morphology. There is a solitary enlarged right paratracheal lymph node, unchanged since the prior study. This enlarged lymph node measures 2.7 x 1.6 cm (series 3, image 14). There is an anterior mediastinal soft tissue density with scattered enhancement, likely representing the thymus. There has been mild enlargement of the thymus since the comparison study, likely secondary to rebound hypertrophy.

1. Mild thymic enlargement, likely secondary to rebound hypertrophy.
2. Stable enlarged right paratracheal lymph node.