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XRAY Neonatal Chest

An enteric tube courses inferiorly with side-port and terminus overlying the left upper quadrant, but proximal to the stomach bubble. An umbilical venous catheter terminates over the expected region of the right portal vein.

Frontal supine radiographs of the neonatal chest and abdomen were obtained. There is symmetric aeration of the lungs without evidence of focal consolidation or pleural effusion. There is obscuration of the right lung apex by an external support device. The cardiothymic silhouette is normal in appearance.
The bowel gas pattern is nonobstructive. There is no pneumoperitoneum. The osseous structures and soft tissues are unremarkable.

1. No acute cardiopulmonary disease.
2. Nonobstructive bowel gas pattern.
3. UVC terminating in the right portal vein. Repositioning and repeat radiographs are recommended to confirm optimal tip position.