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US Cirrhosis +

Technique: Grayscale ultrasound evaluation of the abdomen (RUQ) with selective application of color Doppler was performed.


The liver parenchyma is diffusely hyperechoic, consistent with fatty infiltration. A nodular contour of the liver with left lobe hypertrophy is compatible with cirrhosis. There is no ascites. There is no hepatic mass. Normal hepatopedal flow is demonstrated in the portal vein. There is no intra or extrahepatic bile duct dilatation.

A hyperechoic intraluminal filling defect with posterior acoustic shadowing is noted along the dependent portion of the gallbladder and measures [8] mm maximal diameter. No additional filling defects or epithelial abnormalities are identified. The gallbladder wall thickness is normal without evidence of a sonographic Murphy's sign.

The right kidney is diminutive in size. No renal masses or hydronephrosis are present. Limited views of the pancreatic head and body are normal. The abdominal aorta is normal in diameter, without stenosis or aneurysm.


Right kidney: [] cm

Gallbladder wall thickness: [] mm

Common duct diameter: [] mm


1. Cholelithiasis without sonographic evidence of acute cholecystitis.

2. Findings compatible with cirrhosis.

3. Stable appearing atrophic right kidney without evidence of hydronephrosis.