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MRI Prostate Ca

Technique: Multiplanar T1 and T2 precontrast, axial diffusion, multiphasic sequential axial T1 pre and post-contrast, axial and coronal T1 postcontrast FS sequences of the prostate were obtained.

Findings: The prostate is enlarged measuring 6.5 cm (craniocaudal) x 6.2 cm (transverse) x 5.0 cm (anteroposterior). Heterogeneous increased T2 signal is noted throughout the gland. There is a focal area of T2 hypointensity along the anterior, superior right peripheral zone measuring 2.1 x 1.5 x 1.4 cm. There are no focal areas of restricted diffusion. Heterogeneous enhancement is noted throughout the gland on dynamic post-contrast images.
The prostate capsule appears intact. The seminal vesicles are normal in appearance. A few enlarged presacral lymph nodes are identified, the largest measuring 9 mm short axis. An additional node is noted anterior to the bladder which measures 11 mm (series 10, image #21).

Fatty marrow signal is noted throughout the axial skeleton.

Impression: Diffusely enlarged prostate with a focal area within the superior, anterior peripheral zone concerning for prostate carcinoma. However, there is no invasion/capsular mass effect