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XRAY Knee Chondrocalcinosis

FINDINGS: Multiple views of the right knee again demonstrates moderate arthritis throughout the knee with chondrocalcinosis versus sand-like intra-articular/intracapsular loose bodies. There is no fracture-dislocation. There is no obvious joint effusion.

1. Moderate osteophyte is of the knee.
2. Chondrocalcinosis versus sand-like intra-articular loose bodies due to chronic inflammation such as synovitis.
Findings: Multiple views of the left knee demonstrates no fracture or dislocation. Medial compartment joint space loss is noted. Early spurring is also present. There is an intracapsular loose body seen superior to the patella. Sand-like calcifications are seen immediately adjacent to the femoral condyles. There is no joint effusion.

1. Moderate osteoarthritis of the knee with probable intracapsular loose body.
2. Chondrocalcinosis can be seen in patients with CPPD or other causes of chronic inflammation and synovitis. Please correlate with clinical findings.