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CT Head Bone Met/Arachnoid granulation

Findings: There is no hemorrhage, edema, pathologic fluid collection, hydrocephalus, mass effect or herniation. There is normal density, size and configuration throughout the brain parenchyma and CSF spaces. The calvarium is intact.
There is a sharply marginated lytic lesion affecting the inner table of the right parietal bone which measures 11 x 5 x 10 mm. No additional osseous lesions are identified. The orbits, mastoid air cells and bilateral temporomandibular joints are unremarkable. Polypoid mucosal thickening is noted in the left maxillary sinus. The remaining paranasal sinuses are clear. The demonstrated soft tissues are unremarkable.

1. No acute intracranial pathology.
2. Lytic lesion of the right parietal bone of unknown chronicity. This finding may represent an arachnoid granulation however, given history of colon cancer, metastatic disease must be considered although this is much less likely.