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XRAY Spine Scheurman

Technique: Frontal, lateral and swimmer's views were obtained.

Findings: There is suggestion of a small ossified body distal to the spinous process of T7 with adjacent soft tissue edema. There are wedge shaped compression deformities of T7-T9 vertebrae, age indeterminate. There are Schmorl's nodes at the superior endplate of T7 and inferior endplate of T9. Thoracic kyphosis approaches 40 degrees. The disc space heights throughout the
remainder of the visualized thoracic spine are normal. No other fractures are identified.

1. Possible fracture of the distal spinous process of T7.
2. Probable Scheuermann's disease.

As this finding is only seen on the lateral radiograph, it may be artifactual. Alternatively, this could represent a normal anatomic variant. CT could be considered for confirmation, however, in the interest minimizing patient radiation dose, this should only be performed if it would change management.