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Technique: Transverse helical images through the paranasal sinuses without IV contrast. Coronal and sagittal reformations were obtained.

Findings: The patient is status post FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery) with resection of the bilateral middle turbinates, bilateral uncinate processes and bilateral ethmoid unroofing. There is significant improvement of the previously described extensive sinonasal polyposis. Persistent near complete opacification is present in the right frontal sinus and bilateral frontal sinus drainage pathways. Scattered ethmoid mucosal thickening is noted. Mild circumferential mucosal thickening is present in the sphenoid and maxillary sinuses with small fluid levels in the left maxillary and left sphenoid sinus.

The demonstrated facial and intracranial soft tissues are within normal limits. Fat planes within the orbits are normal. Mild atherosclerotic calcifications are present in the cavernous carotid arteries.

Impression: Status post FESS with significant interval improvement in diffuse sinus disease. Scattered residual mucosal thickening and sinus fluid as described above.