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CT Head Postop

Findings: There is no significant change from the most recent prior exam. Hypodensity in the right temporal lobe is unchanged the prior study, consistent with the patient's known history of radiation necrosis. The brain parenchyma is of otherwise normal density, size, and configuration for age. There is no hemorrhage, hydrocephalus, herniation, edema, midline shift or mass affect.

Again noted are changes consistent with prior resection of the right temporal bone and placement of fat packing and metallic mesh plate. There are unchanged erosive changes of the skull base consistent with patient's known radiation necrosis. Uncovered metallic stent is noted in the right carotid, communicating with the right posterior nasopharynx. Metallic artifact overlies the right eye, likely postoperative.

1. Postsurgical and radiation necrosis changes, stable as compared to the prior study.
2. No new intracranial mass or hemorrhage.