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CT Head Chiari I

FINDINGS: The cerebellar tonsils are low-lying, measuring 7 mm below the foramen magnum. Otherwise, the brain parenchyma and CSF-containing spaces demonstrate normal size, density, and configuration. There is no hemorrhage, edema, mass effect, hydrocephalus, herniation, or pathologic fluid collection. There is no skull fracture. There is a left paramedian occipital hematoma.

There is no nasoethmoidoorbital, zygomaticomaxillary, or mandibular fracture. The pterygoid plates are intact. There is mild polypoid mucosal thickening of the left maxillary sinus. There is mild right preseptal orbital edema.

There is normal alignment of the cervical spine without fracture or subluxation. The vertebral body heights and disc spaces are preserved. There is no significant neural foraminal or spinal canal stenosis. The prevertebral soft tissues demonstrate normal thickness.

1. Chiari I malformation without acute intracranial process.
2. Soft tissue swelling without displaced facial bone fracture.
3. No acute osseous abnormality of the cervical spine.