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CT Neck Otitis

FINDINGS: There is soft tissue thickening of the right tympanic membrane. There is narrowing of the right external auditory canal with associated soft tissue thickening and a focus of near complete soft tissue obstruction. There is soft tissue thickening of the tympanic membrane within the right middle ear cavity. The right ossicles appear intact without evidence of erosive change, given limitations of technique.
There is minimal opacification of the right mastoid air cells without erosive change. There is fatty inflammation of the right retroauricular soft tissues without drainable fluid collection. The tail of the right parotid is mildly infiltrated. There is anteversion of the right pinna secondary to underlying inflammatory retroauricular changes.
The retromaxillary, parapharyngeal, masticator, and retropharyngeal fat planes are preserved. The right sigmoid sinus demonstrates normal opacification without evidence of thrombosis.
The parapharyngeal tonsils are symmetrically enlarged without abnormal enhancement or fluid collection. The demonstrated airway is patent, without abnormal narrowing or filling defects.
4 mm hypodensity in the right thyroid likely represents a small thyroid cyst. Soft tissue density lesion in the left superior mediastinum is most likely related to residual thymus. The remaining visualized osseous and soft tissue structures are normal.

IMPRESSION: Findings concerning for right otitis externa with right retroauricular fatty infiltration without drainable fluid collection, erosive osseous change, or right sigmoid sinus thrombosis. Inflammatory changes extend into the right tympanic membrane and right middle air cavity.