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CT Abd Prevesical Abscess

Findings: Postsurgical changes are seen in the right inguinal region, compatible with reported history of herniorrhaphy. There is a peripherally enhancing, well-circumscribed fluid collection in the prevesicle space, just posterior to the rectus abdominous musculature, measuring 8.2 cm in craniocaudal extent, 5.3 cm in mediolateral extent, and 2.7 cm in AP dimension. The epicenter of the collection is just to the right of midline, extending into the right inguinal canal. There is surrounding fatty infiltration of the prevesical fat.

The liver, pancreas, spleen, adrenal glands, kidneys and bladder are normal. The bowel demonstrates normal course and caliber without wall thickening or evidence of obstruction. There is no pneumoperitoneum. Degenerative changes are seen at the L5-S1 and lower thoracic levels.

Conclusion: Well-circumscribed, peripherally enhancing fluid collection in the prevesical space originating from the right inguinal region, compatible with abscess.