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CT Abd Postpartum Uterus

Findings: The patient is status-post recent C-section. The uterus is enlarged. There is a defect of the lower uterine segment and overlying soft tissues, compatible with a longitudinal incision. Hyperdensity in the endometrial cavity is likely blood products though retained products of conception would have a similar appearance. There is a small amount of hyperdense fluid within the pelvis. There is a small amount of fat stranding of the prevesical fat. There is no loculated, circumscribed fluid collection to suggest abscess. There is engorgement of the parauterine vessels. There is gas within the ventral bowel wall near the longitudinal incision site. There is a small focus of pneumoperitoneum near the incision site. Diastases of the rectus abdominis is noted.
There is mild bilateral hydroureteronephrosis.

The liver, pancreas, spleen, adrenal glands, and bladder are normal. The unopacified bowel demonstrates normal course and caliber without evidence of obstruction. The visualized skeleton is unremarkable. The breast tissue is extremely dense, compatible with lactation.

1. Expected appearance of the uterus and ventral bowel wall status-post C-section. See comments above.
2. Small collection of hyperdense fluid within the pelvis, compatible with blood products. There is no evidence of pelvic abscess.