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Bone Scan

Bone Scan Lecture
Radium craze
Tc99 phosphonates, Tc99m HDP, MDP
if gas in the vial - gastric uptake, free tech
TOD: Tail on Detector
POW view:
Kids: physis radiotracer uptake, growth plate activity up to age 25
areas closer to the camera show greater activity
Flare fenomenon
Poland syndrome: cong abscence of pectoralis muscle
cortical bone turnover at least 5% to be detected
Prostate > Breast > Lung - osteoblastic mets
PSA < 10ng, bone mets < 1% detection
HPOA: Hypertrophic Pulmonary Osteoarthropathy, paraneoplastic process, mesothelioma, Non-small cell ca, proximal long bones; NSAIDs, recommend CXR
Neuroblastoma: I-123 MIBG
MM can be hot or cold, plain fim is better
CRPS: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome