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MRI Thoracic Outlet Sy ABNL

MRI of the [] thoracic outlet.

Comparison: [].


Sagittal oblique T1-weighted MR imaging of the thoracic outlet performed with the arm in neutral position followed by imaging with the arm in abduction (approximately 130 degrees) and external rotation.


The costoclavicular distance in neutral position measures approximately 16 mm (normal approximately 18 mm). The subclavius muscle is not hypertrophied. The scalene muscles are normal in morphology. The subclavian artery is normal in morphology. The chest x-ray does not demonstrate a cervical rib.

The costoclavicular distance with hyperabduction is decreased at [<7>] mm (normal approximately 11.5 mm). The subclavian vein is considerably compressed in the costoclavicular space. Mild expected narrowing of the subclavian artery.

The visualized osseous structures demonstrate normal T1 morphology. No suspicious soft tissue abnormalities.


Narrowing of the [] thoracic outlet with hyperabduction. Associated narrowing of the subclavian vein. Given degree of compression with abduction, findings can be compatible with vascular etiology of thoracic outlet syndrome. However, neurologic etiology may also be present.