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Fractures Face

Orbital Blow-out Fx

Away from orbit. Fx of the orbital floor, orbital rim and medial wall; displacement of fragments into maxillary sinus (trap door sign), opacification of maxillary sinus --> hematoma, orbital emphysema, Caldwell and Waters views, CT for muscle entrapment and orbital content herniation

Orbital Blow-in Fx

Into orbit; impact to frontal bone cause blow-in of orbital roof

Mandibular Fx

Body, angle, subcondylar, usually multiple

Complex Zygomatic Arch Fx

Tripod fx: zygomatic arch fx + inferior orbital rim fx + lateral maxillary wall

Maxillary Dentoalveolar Fx

Fx of alveolar process, open fx

Le Fort I

Floating palate. Fx through pterygoid plates, nasal septum, medial, anterior, lateral and posterior wall of maxillary sinus

Le Fort II

Floating maxilla. Fx through pterygoid plate, nasal bone and septum, frontal maxilla, medial orbital wall, orbital floor (inferior orbital canal fissure and canal), infraorbital rim, anterior, lateral and posterior wall of maxillary sinus

Le Fort III

Floating face. Pterygoid plate, LE Fort II + lateral wall of orbit, zygomaticofrontal suture and zygomatic arch